Customer Relationship Management

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Great support starts with knowing your customer

DeskPRO has extensive CRM features to help you build user relationships.

User profiles

The user profile combines everything you need to know about each user at a glance. Whether you're reading a ticket or in a chat, it's always one click away.

Custom fields

Add custom user fields to store information like account number, membership type, birthday or anything else you need to provide great service.

You can add user fields to ticket forms, so users are prompted to submit or update the information you need to know about them, as well as about their issue.

Instant history

All previous interactions with your helpdesk are stored on the user profile. See previous tickets, chats, and a full activity history.

Keep notes

The customer should feel their relationship is with everyone in your organization, not just the last agent who helped.

Add a summary, notes or even upload files to help all your agents understand a user's needs and preferences. Apply color-coded labels to quickly flag up different types of users.

Set what users can do

Need a Knowledgebase category that only registered users can see? Want to limit chat support to VIP customers?

You can sort your users into usergroups with access to different helpdesk functions.

You can even automatically assign usergroups based on the user's email address domain.

Different options for each user

Need a multiple choice field, but with a different set of choices for each user? DeskPRO offers unique "per user" custom fields.

You can enable the user to edit the possible values through the portal.

Provide joined-up support for organizations

If you're providing support for a company, you need to treat it as a whole, not a group of unrelated users.

To minimise your time spent managing records, DeskPRO can automatically put users in an organization based on their email domain, or put everyone in an organization into a custom usergroup.

Organization managers see the big picture

Do some users want an overview of all the tickets in their organization? Or do you wish they could see when an issue's already been reported by three of their co-workers?

Tell DeskPRO which users are organization managers to enable them to can see all the tickets from their organization on the portal. They can even choose to be CC'd in on all ticket notifications.

Control registration...

You decide whether users need to validate their email address when they register. You can require new users to be approved by an agent, or have all user accounts created by agents with no registration from the portal at all.

You also decide user password policy and the level of login attempt rate limiting to prevent password guessing attacks.

... or use existing credentials

Cut the overhead of account management by enabling users to log in with their existing credentials from social media, Active Directory, OneLogin/Okta, or over a dozen other supported authentication sources.