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Your user portal is where your agents can publish help information, news and downloads, so your users can find answers for themselves.


Encourage self-service by publishing articles that address common problems and questions.


Keep your users or customers informed with blog-style news posts. Announce a new product, or alert them about an issue.


Hassle-free file-hosting for software, manuals, drivers or anything else your users need.


Improve what you do by crowdsourcing suggestions, ideas, bug reports.

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Users can submit tickets using a web form, customized to capture all the information you need to help, then log in to view and manage their tickets.

We use the resource center and Knowledgebase extensively to proactively educate our customers and staff as we strive for an improved "self-help" mentality.

Ultimately this has improved internal operational efficiency while educating the customer and improving their overall experience.

John Issa, Director, Operations

Develop a comprehensive Knowledgebase

Organize articles into categories, nested as deep as you like, and link related articles so your users can find the answers they need whether you have 10 articles or 10,000.

Users can view and manage their tickets

Let users log in to the portal to see their ticket history, write replies or mark tickets resolved. Managers can view all tickets from their organization.

Related articles and labels

Make your Knowledgebase browseable. Link related articles and add labels.

Restrict content to certain users

With DeskPRO's usergroups system, you can limit certain categories of portal content to particular users.

Rich article editor

Create attractive, scannable content with a full-featured rich text editor. Format text. Use images, tables and screenshots for clear presentation. Every edit is you make is logged so you can always see how an article has changed.

Deflect tickets with pre-written content

When users submit tickets through the portal, DeskPRO can suggest relevant articles before the ticket is submitted. Fast answers for your users, and less work for your agents.

Keep customers in the loop with News

Publish news posts to keep users informed about new products or service outages. No need to maintain a separate blog platform.

Share useful files

Get users the files they need without falling foul of email size limits or corporate attachment policies. The Downloads area of your portal makes it easy to host software, manuals, example files, test data or anything else your users need.

Harness the wisdom of your customers

Don't just listen to users when there's a problem. Use the Feedback section of the portal to crowdsource suggestions, ideas, bug fixes, and anything else you want to hear about.

Get the feedback you care about

You can define the types of feedback you ask for to encourage the kind of ideas you want. Keep it general by asking for "Ideas", or focus on something specific like "Packaging Improvements".

Feedback works both ways

Each item of feedback has a public status, so users can see when you're planning on implementing a suggestion, or working on it - or if you've declined it and they should think of something else. Just as with types, you can define your own custom statuses.

Sort the wheat from the chaff

Sometimes it's hard to tell an idea that everyone will love from someone's personal hang-up. Users can vote for feedback items and add their own comments to support or improve an idea. You can sort and filter to see the most popular feedback by type.

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Lightning fast, full-text search

Users want quick answers, so the portal uses specialised search technology to provide lightning-fast matches, no matter where the search term appears in your content.

Keep the best results on top

Need to ensure users searching for a particular term see an important article? Use Search Words to guarantee the article is listed in the top results.

Send your best answer

Once you've built up your Knowledgebase, your agents don't have to type out the answers to common problems - they can just send a link to an article.

Tickets to articles

Too busy answering tickets about an issue to write up the article about it? Quickly create a linked "pending article" to record that the article's needed. When you create the article, ticket content is prefilled to get you started.

Define your terms

Use your helpdesk glossary to define terms your users might not understand, like technical jargon or product names. Users get pop-up definitions in every article, saving them time and confusion.

Take comments

Get insights from users by accepting comments on articles. You can moderate all comments, or bypass moderation for comments from trusted users with DeskPRO's flexible usergroups system.

The ability to create Knowledgebase articles and news posts to allow our customers to "self help" is invaluable as it reduces the strain on my technical staff resource and allows us to confidently meet our SLAs...

Chris Bridge, Systems Infrastructure Manager

Answers in every language

Let users browse the portal in their own language. The portal interface supports 20 languages, and it's easy to add translations of your content.

Best-before dates

Some articles have a natural lifespan. Set a date to automatically unpublish an article when it's no longer relevant, so users don't get confused by outdated information.

User subscriptions

Sometimes the best answer changes. Users can subscribe to email notifications of changes to an article, or a whole category.

Improve navigation and search with labels

Make browsing your portal easy: link together related items with labels.

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