DeskPRO for Small Teams

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Enterprise-class features, realistic pricing

A single, competitive per-agent price gives you access to all of DeskPRO.

We won't nickel and dime you

Most helpdesks charge in tiered 'plans'. They'll grab your interest with a cut-rate 'entry-level' price for a version of their product that's hobbled by locking off important features.

To get real work done, you'll need to upgrade to a 'premium' plan that's 2-6 times more expensive than DeskPRO, for the privilege of using basic features like custom reports and agent time tracking.

With DeskPRO, you pay a single, competitive per-agent price for access to all the features you'll need (including advanced features our competitors can't match at any price).

Only use the features you need

DeskPRO is designed to be modular. If you don't need the advanced features yet, or don't have time to explore them at first, you can just turn them off.

Don't need a web portal for your users right now? Just disable the portal and provide email support only. When your needs change or your company grows, you can always turn it back on.

Deliver excellent support fast

Is support just one of your daily tasks? DeskPRO's advanced web interface is optimised for resolving issues as quickly as possible.

You can automate routine tasks and insert common answers in seconds. Everything is designed around productivity.

Hassle-free Cloud hosting

No full-time IT person? DeskPRO Cloud is designed to minimise the overhead of operating a helpdesk.

We handle all the details of hosting, updates and backups, so you can focus on providing great service. You can switch to our On-Premise service at any time.

Minimum agent training required

DeskPRO is designed around a familiar 3-pane interface. If your agents can use email, they can reply to tickets in your helpdesk.

When you add a new agent, they'll be emailed a short PDF quick-start guide we've developed to get them up to speed.

Easy help publishing

DeskPRO agents can create and maintain help and news content on your web portal with an easy-to-use editor. You don't need to struggle with complicated blogging software.

Timely, helpful support as standard

Our friendly support staff use DeskPRO every day to provide fast, accurate answers to all our customers.

If you're new to helpdesk software, we can help you get DeskPRO configured to meet your needs.

Helpdesk software that grows with you

Expecting your company to grow? Or are you a small part of a larger enterprise that may one day need a standard helpdesk platform?

Proven at high scale

Very popular services like Tumblr use DeskPRO to handle millions of tickets. You won't need to waste time transitioning to a new platform, no matter how big you get.

Advanced features at no extra cost

As your business grows, handling tickets efficiently becomes more and more important. You'll have DeskPRO's cutting-edge reporting and automation features to help you, every step of the way.

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