Billing & Time Log

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Track agent time and billable work

Easy, integrated recording of agent time and monetary charges.

Billing & Time Log

Your choice of what to record

You can let agents enter time or monetary charges, or both. Each charge can have a comment, plus your own custom fields.

Easy entry

Charges are entered in a tab on each ticket, so it's quick and easy for your agents to record them as they work.

Powerful reporting

View dedicated charge reports, or create custom reports that combine information on charges with other key metrics.

Automatically record time

Configure the helpdesk so that a timer automatically starts counting as soon as an agent opens a ticket.

You can choose if agents can start and pause the timer, or enter time charges directly.

Integrated with CRM

You can view an organization's charges from the CRM app in the agent interface.

Reports on charges are available by organizations or individual users.

Custom billing fields

Store exactly the information you need on each charge using the same powerful custom fields system as tickets and CRM.

Use fields to record free text, multiple choice or dates/times. Choose which fields are compulsory. You can even validate entries using pattern matching with regular expressions.

Billing reports

Track chargeable agent time automatically for accurate reporting, or track flat-rate charges to your users. Get fast reports broken down by agent, user or organization.

Use the custom reports builder to produce graphs and tables that combine billing and time data with any other helpdesk data.