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A DeskPRO ticket combines all the information you need to solve an issue.

Message history

See the history of messages between your customer and your helpdesk across all your channels. No more wasted time searching emails. No chance of users getting two conflicting answers.

Custom fields

Gather all the information you need to fix an issue with custom fields. Flexible configuration means you can always display the right fields for each kind of issue.

Know your customer

With one click, you can see all the customer's previous tickets and chats plus notes, files and contact information.

Untangle your support

Trying to manage your customer support in email can become a nightmare of tangled threads and missed messages. Using DeskPRO fixes all that.

Keep your existing support email accounts, but automatically turn incoming emails into tickets.

Integrate customer communications

Everyone can access the helpdesk through the best channel for their needs: email, the web, or mobile. DeskPRO ties it all together.

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Provide support the way customers want it

Use every channel the helpdesk offers, or configure it so users don't know it's there at all.

Let users manage their own tickets...

Users can log in to the portal to view and manage their tickets. Let them update information, search the answers to their previous tickets, and enable managers to view all tickets for their organization.

... or go email-only

If you prefer, you can configure DeskPRO so users only interact with the helpdesk by email. They don't need to know you're using a helpdesk at all.

Get notified about what matters

Custom notifications ensure you're alerted to what's important, but not overloaded. Combine email and desktop notifications to suit the way you work.

Get notified about what matters
Work productively

Work productively

DeskPRO is built with agent productivity in mind. Change or reply to dozens of tickets at once with mass actions. Automate repetitive jobs with macros. Insert common answers instantly with snippets.

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Easy to see what needs to be done

DeskPRO's simple status system makes it clear who needs to act on a ticket next. The agent interface highlights the tickets that are awaiting attention, and color-codes by urgency score.

Filter, group, sort, label

Control your view of the helpdesk with sorting, grouping and custom filters, so you can always see the tickets that matter.

Easily group related tickets with color-coded labels.

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Manual Filtering and sorting tickets Manual Grouping tickets Manual Custom filters Manual Labels

Clear responsibility

Assign each ticket to an individual agent. It's always clear who's dealing with an issue.

No more confusion about who's replying

When another agent is writing a message to a user, you can see their draft in real time. There's no chance of needless double replies.

Talk among yourselves

Discuss a ticket behind the scenes with internal agent notes. See them with other ticket messages, so the context is always crystal clear.

Collaborate instantly

Just @ another agent in a note to let them know you need their input through the built-in agent IM system. No need to wait for them to check their email.

Take it to email

Sometimes you need to deal with an issue outside the helpdesk. Quickly forward any message as a regular email.

Clear your inbox

Customers emailing you direct when they should be going through the helpdesk? Just forward their emails to DeskPRO to create a ticket.

Support organizations, not just users

If you're providing support for a company, you need to treat it as a whole, not a group of unrelated users. Automatically group users by organization based on email domain, then appoint managers who can view all of an organization's tickets.

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Manual Organizations Manual Organization managers

Different options for each user or org

Need a multiple choice field, but with different choices for each organization, so you can record which building or server is affected? DeskPRO offers unique "per organization" and "per user" custom fields.

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Manual Per-user fields